E-business (Web Portal)

With SAVVY’s Web Portal Services, real time access can be provided to your real time inventory data which further supporting your security and management reporting. This enables reliable and timely inventory information, product receiving, pickings and shipments. All product packaging are labeled according to your inventory management requirements.

SAVVY developed the E-business (Web Portal) services to improve our operations. You can expect every business to have online channels where they can access information. So we build our e-business starting with web portal. You can access our web portal services accordingly:

  • You will have login Credentials

    The customer must log in with username and password. Only customers that subscribe to this service are allowed to log in to our web portal successfully. To ensure the security control from the beginning in the system.

  • You can see available stock

    Customer can check the numbers of stock that are stored in different levels of storage depending on warehouse process flow.

  • Your History of Quotation/ Order/ Delivery/ Invoice

    In this statement, customers can view the history of quotation, Order process, Stock delivery data and invoices that are finalized.

  • Your Existing Quotation / Order/ Delivery / Invoice

    The customer can check the current available quotation, Order to take action, stock delivery to proceed and existing invoices.

  • You can create Sales order online

    Customer can create Sale order online by filling the required data in the system.

  • You can print Sale order online.

    Moreover, customer can print the voucher of sale order online.
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